MAMAMOO’s Solar Trolls Fans in new April Fools Day YouTube Video

This prank just showed that Solar is beautiful no matter what.

In a YouTube video posted on April 1, MAMAMOO’s Solar claims that she’ll be cutting her hair on camera, simply because she’s bored. Solar starts by measuring with her hand how much of her hair she’d like to cut.

After nervously deliberating on the length she wants, Solar finally takes the scissors and begins to cut off her long, brown tresses.

After cutting her hair, Solar looks at the severed locks with horror and disbelief. But she’s not done yet! She still has the other side to cut.

Solar does a notably worse job on the other side, leaving her hair length uneven and jagged. After noticing her mangled mane, Solar screams “I CUT MY HAIR!!!”

After convincing herself that the haircut is in fact okay, Solar drops the hammer that she was actually only cutting her hair extensions, and that her real hair is much shorter!

Although it was a prank, MooMoos in the comment section couldn’t help but notice that Solar is beautiful at any hair length.

I know this is a joke bc she’s just cutting her extensions, bUT PLEASE THAT LENGTH LOOKS SO GOOD

Another fan had flashbacks of the last time Solar wore short hair.

I hope I’m not the only one that LOVES Solar with short hair, I still get flashbacks to that sexy short look she did at GDA award show😭💓💓

Watch Solar cut her extensions and wow MooMoos with her beauty in the video below