MAMAMOO’s Solar Showed Fans What’s In Her Wallet And It’s Probably Not What You Expect From An Idol

She shared heartwarming memories associated with the things inside of it.

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently shared on her YouTube channel Solarsido what’s inside her wallet.

Many people nowadays use their phones as wallets, and Solar is no exception, however, she does still have wallets!

Before really diving in, she gave us a rundown on the history of her wallets and it was really just as cute as you might have expected.

Her first wallet was one she used from her trainee days. It was actually her sister’s wallet that she took from home. The coin purse style was very popular back then, and although she didn’t have money to keep in it she was happy to carry it around.

She didn’t expect to find anything in her old coin purse, but she was pleasantly surprised to find her membership card in it!

Moving on to her second no-longer-in-use wallet, she showed off a Kenzo brand wallet that was a gift.

The Kenzo wallet was also empty, but she reminisced about putting a photo in it as decoration.

The yellow Kenzo wallet is special to her because it’s the one she used from the beginning of her debut.

The old memories came back when I saw this wallet.


More recently, Solar used a Jill Stuart wallet which was also a gift. She doesn’t use it anymore, but she likes that style of wallet because of the way it opens as she doesn’t organize her things well.

Currently, Solar uses two wallets. (Yes, two wallets!) Solar is using Gucci and Balenciaga wallets.

As for why she uses two wallets? The Balenciaga wallet was a gift, but it’s too small to hold everything…

… And, the Gucci wallet, which was also a gift, holds everything the Balenciaga wallet can’t hold.

Moving on to what’s in her wallets, the small Balenciaga wallet holds:

Membership point cards and a massage stamp card…

… And, that’s it!

Although I’m using this wallet, but there’s nothing much in here. But the most important thing, this wallet is currently in use.


Moving on to her second wallet, the Gucci long wallet…

… There is surprisingly a lot of stuff in it! (In comparison to her other wallets, anyway!)

Solar shared that she keeps gifts from fans in her wallet…

… A cash receipt card and $10 US dollars…

…Korean won…

… A security card and resident ID card…

… And, that’s it! That’s really all Solar carries in her wallet.

Although Solar doesn’t carry a lot with her, she treasures her wallets because they were all gifts from fans.

I will work hard till the day this wallet becomes thick and full.


Were you surprised by what Solar keeps in her wallet? Many people might assume that idols have a lot of money and cards that they keep with them, but Solar’s wallets were surprisingly minimalist!