MAMAMOO’s Solar Wore This Shirt On Her Video And Its Meaning Will Make You Love Her More

MooMoos believe that Solar wearing the shirt means she’s showing her support to this specific community.

During the preview of one of MAMAMOO‘s Solar‘s video on YouTube, it was shown that she would be trying out western snacks in her next video.

Aside from the fact that Solar’s no-makeup face looks amazing, MooMoos were also quick to notice something amazing in the preview — it’s the fact that MAMAMOO’s leader is wearing a shirt with a deep meaning.

Upon closer inspection of the item of clothing, it was then discovered that this shirt is actually an exclusive Urban Outfitters shirt celebrating Pride 2019. The shirt reads “Pride and No Prejudice” in big, bold letters; the tagline “proud to stand with pride” can be seen on the bottom part of the shirt.

What does this shirt symbolize, aside from the fact that Solar is showing her support for the LGBTQ+ community?

It’s also a tangible act of support because for every shirt sold, Urban Outfitters Community Cares will donate $10 to GLSEN, the leading education organization focused on creating LGBTQ-inclusive schools.

This is not the first time Solar has shown her support for the LGBTQ+ community.

She was also shown wearing a Pride pin during one of their fan-meetings.

And MooMoos were also pleasantly surprised to find out that she asked this question to the girls she visited in a dance studio — take note that she didn’t just ask them if they had boyfriends, she asked them if they had “people like that” to consider the fact that not everyone she’s talking to may have a heterosexual orientation.

Respect to Solar for being inclusive in her words, actions, and even pieces of clothing.

MooMoos sure are fortunate to have the chance to stan supportive queens!