MAMAMOO’s Wheein Has A Beautiful Message About Love — And The LGBT+ Community Is Proud Of Her

If you’re a part of the LGBT+ community, her message will warm your heart.

Girl group MAMAMOO already has a wonderful reputation for acknowledging and even showing support for the LGBT+ community.

For example, the members have worn “Pride pins” on their outfits in one of their fan-meeting events– and they know the significance of it because their fans have informed them about it.

Wheein was also seen to wear a top which had an LGBT+-friendly message:

And recently, Wheein took her support to another level by talking about her own definition of diverse love — it all started when Wheein released the behind-the-scenes video for the making of her past album Soar.

Wheein wanted to include her painting in her album.

I had plans to work on this like an extension of my Magnolia album.

– Wheein

Wheein shared that her painting is an important part of her because it’s something that can express who she really is.

She also mentioned that while working on both the painting and the album, she hoped that many people would feel the emotions that she wanted to express, even if just a little bit.

When talking about the inspiration for her painting, Wheein had this to say:

I just want to say that the shape of love is diverse and melt that into a painting.

– Wheein

Whatever form it is, it’s all the same love.

– Wheein

To give further explanation about her insight, Wheein also explained that for her, she really thinks that “various forms of love exists”.

Love also has various shapes, but, they’re all the same.

– Wheein

Fans believe that her message is directed to the LGBT+ community because instead of featuring an opposite-sex relationship in her song’s music video, Wheein decided to focus on the romantic relationship between two women instead.

This touching move warmed the hearts of “rainbow MooMoos” and made the LGBT+ community proud of her:

You can watch the full MV of her song “Good Bye” below: