MAMAMOO’s Wheein and Hwasa Go Live Completely Bare Faced

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein and Hwasa have shown their bare faces on their V Live stream, and people are in love with their refreshing look.

MAMAMOO recently interacted with their fans through their V Live stream, where they revealed they were currently vacationing in Japan over a few beers.

In the stream, the two were clad in white bathrobes as they talked about how they came to visit Japan, where Hwasa explained that she took the initiative and planned the whole vacation.

She also revealed that both Wheein and herself had always wanted to visit Japan, but never had the chance to do so, and that they were particularly excited to have been able to visit together.

Netizens watching the stream praised how youthful and fresh-faced they looked, and commented that it was refreshing to see the two enjoying some time off.

Check out their full stream here!