Man Asks For Advice After Korean Girlfriend Asks For 10,000 USD For Her Mom’s Birthday

They’re telling him to escape while he still can!

A man asked whether or not it is normal for a Korean girlfriend to ask her boyfriend to spend $10,000 USD on her mother’s 70th birthday.


His girlfriend claimed that it’s a Korean custom and that the funds would be used to take a trip together.

The man and his girlfriend live in the US while her mother lives in Korea, so the girlfriend claimed it would cost $10,000 USD to fly her mother out plus additional money for their family trip.


The man revealed that obtaining the amount isn’t a problem since he has a “normal 9-5 job”, but it would be a large, unexpected expense. He had been planning to marry his girlfriend in a year’s time and would prefer to use the money for their wedding.

“I just wanted to post to see if this normal or ordinary or what you folks thought.” — Man


Granted, it’s common for people to throw elaborate parties and give special gifts for someone’s 70th birthday in Korea.

Photo of a 70th birthday party in Korea.

The practice comes from the age when living past 70 was rare.


Everyone seemed to have the same answer to his problem: Run!


Run far away, and never return!


Comments said that although expensive wedding and birthday presents are given in Korea, asking for a gift of $10,000 is absolutely not normal.


Some posters told him to dump his gold-digging girlfriend and get away while he still can!


Others told him to see how she reacts to him refusing her request before deciding whether or not to end the relationship.


Some even believe that the man’s girlfriend is trying to scam him out of his money and has no intention of marrying him.


If he does still decide to go through with the wedding, one comment advised him to secure his finances before he says “I do”.


True love should not come with a price tag!

Source: Reddit