Man Discovers His Wife Got Extensive Plastic Surgery Long Before They Met, Asks The Internet For Hep


A Korean netizen recently posted a story about his marriage and it’s getting a lot of buzz.

“I wanted to get a lot of people’s perspectives on this, so I’m writing this under my little sister’s ID.

My wife and I got married within the year we started dating and we’ve been married for about 6 months now.”

— Anonymous Author

The anonymous man’s post detailed how he recently found out a troubling fact about his wife — she’s had many plastic surgeries in the past.

“First, I have a very negative view on plastic surgery. So when we were dating, I told her that I don’t like plastic surgery and that I hoped someone I marry wouldn’t get any.

After we got married, someone who claims to be my wife’s friend sent me my wife’s high school graduation photos via Facebook.

My wife’s friend told me that she got plastic surgeries on her eyes, nose, and even a facial contour surgery. I was surprised and was mad that she lied to me.

I never thought my wife had plastic surgery because she looks natural and beautiful. When I think of plastic surgery, I think of that typical Gangnam style plastic surgery women.”

— Anonymous Author

The author stated that he is going to bring it up with his wife soon and asked other netizens if lying about plastic surgery can be cause for divorce.

“I haven’t talked to my wife about it yet, but I intend to soon. Since I’ve seen her past photos, whenever I look at her, her face overlaps with the photo. Can lying about your plastic surgery to your spouse be cause for divorce?”

— Anonymous Author

Netizens’ responses were mixed, with some finding the author’s complaint comical, while others offered sincere advices.

“My sister never had plastic surgery but her graduation photo is like, Who is this? ㅋㅋ She’s so different. By the way, what’s with your wife’s friend?”

“It’s definitely a cause for divorce. It’s a trick marriage. You should meet with a divorce lawyer, collect evidence. Don’t just record conversation on your phone, but put it on the cloud, etc.”

“I mean you still got married cause you love her…It’s a shame.”

— Netizen Responses

After his story went viral, he responded to commenters and defended his position, stating that he wouldn’t have married his wife had she told him about her plastic surgery.


Source: Nate Pann