Gay Reality Star Tries To “Seduce” A Straight Man — Flirting Ensues

Beautiful people, regardless of gender, are always heart-fluttering.

When it comes to beautiful people, even the most firm in their sexuality can often admit when someone is considered attractive. A recent YouTube video by the channel Giggle tapped into this idea, tasking a gay reality star to flirt with three straight people.

In 2022, the first season of His Man, Korea’s first reality show, aired and introduced viewers to eight gay men looking for love. One of these men was Chan Gyu, who charmed many viewers.

In the Giggle video. Chan Gyu was set to flirt with three participants — two straight men and a straight woman.

From the start, all three talked about how handsome Chan Gyu was; some were more flustered than others.

Of the three, while it was expected for Ye Seul, the woman, to have trouble facing such a handsome young man, Chan also had some unexpected heart fluttering happen.


After getting giggly when Chan Gyu initiates handholding, Chan flips the script and interlocks fingers with him, saying that he would hold hands with a girlfriend in this way.

Chan Gyu (left) and Chan (right).


Once the handholding session is over, Chan questions why he is sweating so much.

The next challenge involved Chan Gyu holding his partner’s hands over their heads while he got closer to them. While Chan managed to hold his own at first, once Chan Gyu grabbed his waist, he burst into nervous laughter.

This didn’t stop Chan from retaliating in his own way, complimenting the mole on Chan Gyu’s face.

The final test saw Chan Gyu back hugging Chan, who stated that he didn’t feel anything…that is until Chan Gyu began whispering in his ear.

The video ends as the three discuss how everything made them feel. Chan shares that he felt nothing but friendship, though his heart was “beating a bit.”

You can check out the unexpected chemistry in the full video below!