This man went viral for being an expert at “fake girlfriend” photoshoots

Rain Cavalry Yokohama from Thailand has mastered the art of taking incredibly convincing photos of himself and his “fake girlfriend”.

Thailand’s Rain Cavalry Yokohama is a single man who has somehow figured out how to take photos that make him look like he has a girlfriend.

He has gathered a following on Facebook of over 1 million likes. There, he often uploads his famous selfies with his fake girlfriend.

In many of his photos, he can be seen twisting his arms and legs to make it look like he’s holding the hand of a woman, and he has even worn nail polish and various accessories to make his photos look extra convincing.

Check out some of his hilarious yet creative photos below!

His toes must be super flexible.

He even put red nail polish on one hand to make it look like a woman’s hand.

This one looks relatively easy!

All he needed for this one was a wig and a timer on his camera.

Imagine having a body pillow for a girlfriend.

You’d think his foot would cramp up!

Not sure if he’s a genius or desperately lonely…

I wonder how he got his nail polish so perfect?

Source: Rainyokohama