This manager is so good looking, fans mistook him for an idol

Normally it’s the idols whose amazing looks are the center of attention, but the manager stole the spotlight when working with GFRIEND.

GFriend Manager airport


While stunning visuals are the norm for K-Pop idols, every group has managers behind them watching over and making sure they perform at their best. This man, who was spotted with GFRIEND and thought to be their manager, caught the public’s attention for his striking appearance.

Gfriend Manager IG
Fans say he resembles actor Lee Dong Wook.


However, it was discovered that he’s not GFRIEND‘s personal manager, but a tour manager who has worked with the girl group. He is an overseas development manager from Official Hallyu Entertainment. He has posted on Instagram clearing up the misunderstandings.

Im not a GFRIEND manager ? Im an overseas development manager for Official Hallyu Entertainment (@official_hallyu)❤

Gfriend manager
He can be easily mistaken as a soon-to-debut idol because of his looks.


Just your regular Prince Charming.

Gfriend manager
If he was in a boy group, he would be the visual.