A Manner Coach Reveals Why He Is Excited For What’s In Store For BTS RM’s Future

Intellectual King.

A manner coach who talks about the manners and attitudes of different celebrities held a live stream expressing his anticipation and excitement for BTS RM’s future. This coach has previously posted videos regarding his thoughts on all the members of BTS and has revealed that he is particularly excited to see what the future holds for RM.

He states that he is sure that RM, although amazing and influential now, will become even greater with age. Because he is 27 (international age) there are still many things he doesn’t know about or hasn’t experienced yet. Coach Lee explains that there are just some things that come with age and that RM will become even wiser as he gets older.

He explains that although knowledge that comes with age is something that we all experience in our lives; it is a bit different for RM as he has already experienced and accomplished so much in just his twenties. If he is able to be this respected and influential from what he has learned up until now, just think of how much more he will be able to learn and grow with in his thirties.

Taking a look at RM’s speeches, you can see just how knowledgeable and aware he is on societal issues around the world. Although his speeches are inspirational and great now, Lee is looking into the future and seeing an even greater RM. Understanding RM’s personality, Lee believes that RM will be able to, just as he has done before, learn and grow from his experiences and slowly find his way to becoming an even greater speaker and advocate for change.

Lee is confident that RM will become an even bigger and wiser influential figure to the world as he gets older and is excited to be able to witness this growth of RM in this generation.

Watch the full video below: