Many BLINKs Admit To Losing Interest In BLACKPINK Due To Their Extended Hiatus

It seems that everyone is frustrated by the wait.

Earlier today, there were reports that BLACKPINK is aiming for a long overdue comeback this June.

However, since then, their label YG Entertainment has reportedly not confirmed such rumors, leading to disappointment from the fans that have been waiting so long for new music from the group.

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The group had their last comeback in October 2020 with the release of The Album, meaning it has now been about 19 months since BLACKPINK’s last released new music.

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For a K-Pop girl group as popular and beloved as BLACKPINK, waiting for over a year and a half for a comeback is hard to believe, though sadly, BLINKs have come to expect it from YG Entertainment due to the group’s extended hiatuses in the past.

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While prior waits between comebacks were frustrating but didn’t seem to deter fans of BLACKPINK, however, it seems that many are reaching the end of their patience and are no longer able to enjoy the group they once loved.

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A recent post on Reddit shares one fan’s feelings towards BLACKPINK’s comeback rumors, and how they have a hard time feeling interested in their projects these days.

Losing interest in Blackpink, this is just sad from kpopthoughts

And they’re not alone — many of the responses to the post are from people sharing similar thoughts, which is sad to see.

Though BLACKPINK’s members have been active as models, brand representatives, and other commercial business, it’s just not enough for a lot of fans. Many had high hopes for the group as a musical powerhouse, and are disappointed that they seem to be only allowed to work on their social media presence.

Others do still have some hope, and think that they will be able to get excited again once an actual comeback date and teasers have been released, though they’re still frustrated about the wait.

Only time will tell if and when BLACKPINK releases new music, and in the meantime, it’s understandable if fans are feeling this way!

Source: Reddit and Daum