Many K-Pop Idols Wear These Special Lenses To Create The Perfect Look

Many idols wear these special contact lenses to give off these amazing, and often subtle, effects that ensure fans can’t take their eyes off them!

Idols have a variety of beauty secrets and tricks, and a beauty tool that many idols have been using for a while are circle lenses. Circle lenses are a special type of contact lens that make the eye look larger, and are a favorite beauty item for many people.

Circle Lenses are also quite popular in Japan. Source:Geo Lenses.

K-pop idols often wear them for photo shoots and performances and usually put on colored lenses to make their eyes stand out. The three most popular colors are light brown, gray, and blue.

Park Bom is often seen sporting brown circle lenses, they may just be her favorite fashion piece!

Close up of Hyuna‘s mesmerizing eyes from her “Bubble Pop” photoshoot.

Red Velvet‘s Wendy looking beautiful with her green-grey circle lenses.

Infinite‘s Sungjong with gray lenses, perfectly matching his outfit.

Although these natural colors are the most popular, idol groups also use colors that stand out and are unusual for certain concepts. These contacts create a captivating, or even creepy, feeling!

BIG BANG‘s TOP staring into the viewer’s soul with only one eye with his mismatching lenses!

F(x)‘s Amber uses these mismatched lenses in the group’s MV ‘Rum Pum Pum”

Contact and circle lenses are a fun way to change someone’s look, and idols are well aware of that, often using it to their advantage!