A Marching Band In The Philippines Went Viral For Covering TWICE Nayeon’s “Pop” — Proving It Is A Bop No Matter How It’s Performed

It actually sounds really good!

Marching bands across the world have slowly begun adding songs by K-Pop idols into their performances. These bands have performed songs by a number of artists including BTS, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet during the half-time shows at American football games and at other locations.

With groups like After School learning how to play the drums for five months for their song “Bang!” and BTS including a marching band in the “On” kinetic manifesto film video it’s easy to see how easily marching bands can incorporate or be incorporated into K-Pop.

It seems like the next idol to be covered by a band is none other than TWICE‘s Nayeon!

TWICE’s Nayeon | SBS

Nayeon recently released her first solo album with the title track “Pop!”, and the catchy song quickly went viral around the world, especially for the somewhat difficult hand motions in the choreography.


앉아서! PopPopPop🎈📌Let’s sit! and #PopPopPop🎈📌#TWICE #트와이스#NAYEON #나연 #IM_NAYEON #POP❣️


A fan recently shared a clip of a marching band performing “POP!” at the Mall of Asia in Pasay City. The band can be seen doing a small marching routine as they play the hit song.

Fans especially enjoyed what appears to be the leader or band director of the group stopping to perform the “Pop!” hand motions while the rest of the band members continue to play.


Cute kid also dancing to Pop #twice #nayeon #fyp


Check out the time a Valorant player went viral for dancing Nayeon’s “Pop!” below:

Valorant Esports Pro Goes Viral For Dancing TWICE Nayeon’s “Pop!” Onstage