10 photos that show why Mark is GOT7’s visual

While there’s no denying that every member of GOT7 is attractive, these photos will remind you why Mark still holds the ultimate visual title.

Just last month at the Seoul Music Awards, a series of stunning red carpet photographs were released capturing Mark in all his beauty.

Looking handsome in this dark suit, matched with a monochromatic floral shirt, Mark was the essence of class.
His perfectly styled messy hairdo perfectly offsets the crisp lines of his suit.
Look at that defined, strong jaw line and those red lips. It’s no wonder his fellow members are constantly complimenting him!
Mark’s disarming gaze will have your heart pounding.
Even when he’s not posing, Mark manages to be effortlessly good-looking!
Mark is usually seen sporting his striking two-hoop ear piercings that give him a slightly edgy vibe.
Mark’s visuals are perfectly complemented by his coy smile.
With his fair skin and v-shaped face, Mark fits Korean beauty standards incredibly well.
From the side, Mark’s impressive jawline is really shown off!
His looks have fans wishing they could be staring at him all day!