Mark & Heachan Played Credit Card Roulette With Their Manager & The Result Is Hilarious

Be careful if you’re gonna play this game.

NCT 127‘s latest vlog while touring the USA featured Heachan and Mark exploring an arboretum in Texas.

After surveying the beautiful greenery they stopped by a restaurant across the street called Smokey Rose – aptly named.

After eating their delicious meal the boys and their manager decided to play credit card roulette to see who would pay.

In credit card roulette, everyone offers their card to pay and has the waiter choose one. Since the waiter saw whose card was whose, Mark thought he would spice things up a bit by shuffling the cards to make it a little more “fair”. While he was shuffling he told the waiter to make sure he picked the “right” card.

Less than a second, the waiter’s hand shot out and picked a card: Mark’s card! Heachan and their manager immediately burst into laughter.

Mark’s face was PRICELESS!

Mark clearly didn’t anticipate the result of the credit card roulette

It’s clear that Mark’s card was not the “right” card he was talking about before. He even playfully took the card back from the waiter and said “wait, I don’t think that was the right one.” After they were done eating (and Mark was done paying) Heachan ended the video and the two of them struck a pose.

Watch Heachan and Mark’s full adventure in their vlog below: