Mark Tuan’s Nieces Couldn’t Figure Out If He Was In His New Music Video

They have the cutest reaction to their uncle’s new video!

GOT7‘s Mark gave Ahgases a gift just in time for Valentine’s Day! His first single since his departure from JYP Entertainment, his collaboration with American EDM artist Sanjoy, “One in a Million” got a music video in the form of an animated short-film. While the song plays, the video tells a love story of a young man and woman who meet by chance and continually cross paths until they fall in love.

What fans might have noticed is that Mark isn’t the main character in this story. Nontheless many of us were searching for a character bearing resemblance to the rapper until the very last second when both he and Sanjoy make a short cameo as performers at a party.

Turns out we weren’t the only ones looking for an animated Mark throughout the video.

Mark’s sister shared a couple videos on her Instagram story, showcasing her daughters’ cute reaction to their uncle’s music video. First, they excitedly shouted a countdown to the online premiere. Initially, the girls saw the male main character and questioned, “Is that Uncle Mark?” and concluded that it is him with a laugh.

Later on, when the animated Mark showed up to perform in the video, the girls began to question things again. One of the nieces pointed him out, exclaiming, “That’s him!” and another replied, “Really? It doesn’t look like him.”

Whether Cartoon Mark looks like him or not, I think it’s safe to say his nieces are fans of his new song and, along with the rest of his fans, are excited to see what’s next for Mark!

Source: Mark Tuan/YouTube and @ lilmamabear1228/Instagram