Mark Picks Which Members He Wants To Form An NCT U Unit With Next

All three of them together would be an unforgettable NCT U lineup.

Between all of NCT‘s units, NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream, and WayV, few members managed to be in more than a few of the units. Mark is one of them.

Because he was a part of NCT U for “The 7th Sense” and “BOSS”, fans have wondered what another lineup would look like with him in it. Thanks to one fan, in particular, everyone now has an idea.

During NCT 127’s recent online fan signing, one fan asked him to name which members he’d love to be in an NCT U group with. Since there are more than twenty members, Mark needed a moment to think it through, “If there was an NCT U that I joined in again…I feel like it’d be nice if I got to do it with…”

There were two members that he thought of. The first one he picked was Lucas, who he promoted with for “BOSS”.

Their youth and energy together would be mind-blowing, “You know, I feel like Way—umm, Lucas. I don’t know. I kind of thought of him ’cause he’s the same age as me, and I feel like fans kind of, would like to see our chemistry.”

For the second member, he brought it all the way back to 2016’s “The 7th Sense”. It was none other than the super talented Ten. It was a collaboration he and Mark had both discussed before, “Or, maybe even Ten. I don’t know. We kind of talked about it before, personally, when we were chillin’.”

Even if Mark didn’t receive his wish to promote as NCT U with both Lucas and Ten, he wouldn’t be too upset about it. To him, any lineup for the unit would be a complete hit: “But, anyway. Yeah. Any combination would be fun for me as well.”

Did Mark choose who you were expecting? Since he’s already worked with both of them separately in NCT U and together in SuperM, he knows they’d all be amazing together. Watch Mark reveal his picks.