Maroo Entertainment Released Teasers For Their New Project Boy Group And People Are Confused On What Their Style Is

“At this point, it’s just funny…”

Maroo Entertainment recently released teaser for their latest trio project boy group TEEN TEEN, which contains former Produce X 101 contestant Lee Jinwoo. While many fans are excited about their debut, people are also questioning their concept.

Many have no idea what to expect from them. With the name TEEN TEEN, many expected a fresh and youthful concept, but fans think their clothes tell differently. Netizens are saying that their stylist should have dressed them in more flattering clothes that suit their fresh image.

The boys are seen in baggy pants and oversized tops and jackets, which makes people wonder if they will go with a retro concept. People also comment on how they were reminded of veteran boy group Turbo or 90’s Japanese idols.

People have also poked fun at the teasers, adding stickers to go with the concept (or what netizens think it is).

TEEN TEEN will debut on October 18, 2019.

Source: Pann