Maroon 5 and BTS Had A Moment On Twitter And You Can’t Miss It

Maroon 5 and BTS had a moment on Twitter.

There is something brewing between BTS and Maroon 5 on Twitter that has fans hoping for a possible collaboration.

BTS received praises and following from a number of international celebrities since their recent exposure in the United States.

…And that includes Maroon 5!

In the midst of all the global fame, fans discovered that Maroon 5’s official Twitter account has followed BTS.

They even liked one of BTS’s tweets that featured Jungkook running at the Dome, screaming “I Love You ARMYs.”

Fans are hoping that the sudden interaction is a secret sign that a collaboration is in the works!

Especially knowing how BTS are big fans of Maroon 5’s music.

Here’s to the growth of friendship between BTS and Maroon 5!