Maroon 5 Responds To Collaboration With BTS

“Not sure you can handle it.”

Maroon 5‘s official Twitter account created a frenzy among ARMY, over tweets that teased a collaboration with BTS!

The first tweet was a reply to a fan asking for a collab and Maroon 5 tweeted a simple smiley face.

But the account didn’t stop there and continued teasing fans saying they won’t be able to handle the truth.

Even though these were not official confirmations of a collaboration, it did not stop fans from fangirling on the possibility.

A past interview with BTS also surfaced, with V showing interest in working with Maroon 5.

Detective ARMYs even noticed that the two now follow each other.

One big hint that this collab may be actually in the works, is the fact that the tweets have now been deleted.

Why would they delete them unless they had something to hide?!