“Mask Girl” Actress Nana Transforms Into A Totally Different Person With Short Hair

She looks gorgeous either way!

In recent years, Nana has attracted attention for her various charms as she’s appeared in more acting projects. Currently, she is starring in “Mask Girl,” which has become one of the most popular series on Netflix this month.

Nana | Netflix

Many may not know Nana got her start as a K-Pop idol, debuting in 2009 as a member of After School. She was also a member of the subunit Orange Caramel, known for their iconic and creative releases.

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One thing that has remained the same from her idol promotions and acting projects is that Nana is usually seen with long, straight hair, typically dyed darker colors, though she has gone blond in the past.

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Recently, photos from her earlier promotions resurfaced, showing the talented star looking utterly different with shorter hair.

In 2018, Nana made a big change, cutting her hair into a short bob.

| High Cut
| High Cut

In her various appearances with the shorter style, Nana proved that her visuals are unmatched regardless of her hair length!

Her past and present photos show exactly why Nana is known as one of the “it” girls of past and present generations!