This Man Went from Being a Math Tutor to a Model Because His Potential Students Found Him Attractive

It all started when he made a post offering math tutoring lessons along with a photo of himself.

In recent days, daily photos of model Jang Sung Hoon have been circulating online because he’s just that good-looking.

Jang Sung Hoon has actually been active on social media for quite a while now and has carried the title of being one of the most handsome men on Chung-Ang University’s campus.

But it wasn’t until he made a post offering math tutoring lessons that he became famous.

Before his debut, he uploaded a photo of himself along with a post announcing that he was looking for math tutoring jobs, which led to countless likes and comments praising his good looks.

Considering he’s 186 centimeters tall, well-built, and has an all-around chiseled face, it’s no wonder he received such a passionate response from netizens.

In addition to his natural good-looks, he has been updating his followers with photos of his well-coordinated outfits proving that he has a good fashion sense as well.

Model Jang Sung Hoon debuted as a model back in 2015 at Seoul Fashion Week and graduated from Chung-Ang University just last February.

Source: Insight