Japanese “Sasaeng” Tracked down a Female Idol’s Home by Zooming in on the Reflection in Her Eyes

He obtained hints of her whereabouts using the scenery reflected off of her eyes in her selfies.

Japanese broadcaster, NHK recently reported that Japanese idol, Ena Matsuoka was recently assaulted outside her home by a “sasaeng” who tracked down her home by closely analyzing her selfies.

According to the reports, Matsuoka was on her way home from Edogawa, Tokyo when the “sasaeng”, Hibiki Sato (26) gagged her with a towel and violently groped her in a corner.

Following the arrest, Sato testified that he was a huge fan of Matsuoka and that he found the address of her home by zooming in on the scenery that reflected off of her eyes in her selfies.



He confessed that the hints he found in the reflection allowed him to find her address through Google Street View, and in order to determine the exact location of her home, he searched through her other social media photos and videos to collect additional information such as the location of her curtains and the direction of sunlight.


With similar incidences having occurred in the past, authorities have warned social media users to refrain from sharing personal information online.

In response to the shocking report, netizens are showing their concern for public safety with comments such as “How good is the quality of photos these days?“, “How did he see such a detailed view just from her eyes?“, and “I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it“.

Source: Dispatch and OrientalDaily
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