The Maury Show tweeted a BTS meme and the replies will have you dying of laughter

The famous talk show host tweeted about BTS… and wasn’t prepared for the response.

American talkshow The Maury Show retweeted a BTS meme and the reactions from other Twitter uses are priceless.

The Maury Show is a long-running tabloid talk show focusing on relationships and family issues, like proving paternity, taking lie detector tests and exposing cheaters. It’s hosted by veteran journalist Maury Povich.


Maury retweeted @kthjjktwt’s meme featuring V, asking “Ladies, please, are you gonna fall for that line?”


…and fans had a field day, completely shocked and amused that the Maury had delved into the depths of BTS A.R.M.Y on Twitter.


They came back with hilarious tweets featuring topics from the show, including paternity testing.


Some made fun of the content of the show.


And others addressed the retweet directly.


But most comments told Maury that he was too late – everyone has already fallen for BTS!