Where Is She Now? MAXIM Korea’s 80kg (176 lb) Cover Model Is Hotter Than Ever

She was the plus size contest’s second winner.

MAXIM is a magazine brand that features gorgeous and sexy women on its pages. While the now-international brand began in the United Kingdom, it has expanded to over 20 other countries, including Korea.

Single’s Inferno’s Kang So Yeon | MAXIM Korea

While some covers are of celebrities, a majority are non-celebs who are either extremely beautiful or being featured for their popularity, like this viral cheerleader.

In 2021, MAXIM Korea introduced a competition for plus-sized women (natural size). The first winner, a model named Ssun Biki won the title, not only winning the cash prize but also earning a coveted cover shoot for the August 2021 edition.

Ssun Biki | MAXIM Korea

The contest continued the next year, crowing a new plus-sized model named Ah Seung Yeon, who also competed the previous year. She was also awarded a cover shoot, turning up the heat on the August 2022 cover.

| MAXIM Korea
| MAXIM Korea
| MAXIM Korea

Since then, she has continued working as a model and is active on Instagram, with over 65 thousand followers — 15 thousand of whom followed her after her win at the competition.

| @aky__life/Instagram
| @aky__life/Instagram

While many of her photos are gorgeous shots of herself, she also shares her workout content, showing how hard she works to maintain her figure.

She is also active on YouTube, where she shared her experience of attending the 2023 plus-size competition.

When she’s not working, it looks like she’s spending time with her adorable dog, who she has shared several photos of.

Ah Seung Yeon has remained proud of her shape, even sharing recently that she is still 80kg (176 lbs).

You can read about the contest’s first winner below.

Where Is She Now? The First Plus-Size Model To Be Featured On A “MAXIM Korea” Cover Is More Gorgeous Than Ever

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