MAXIM Model Contest Exposes Korea’s “Sexiest” Models For Being The Biggest Catfishes

They were participating in Maxim’s plus size contest.

MAXIM is a magazine brand known for featuring beautiful women on its pages. While the brand began in the United Kingdom, it has expanded to over 20 other countries.

Lindsay Lohan on the cover of MAXIM. | MAXIM

Often famous women will grace its cover, but each year Maxim will hold a cover girl competition allowing non-celebrities to be in the spotlight. The Korean version of the magazine does the same, and in recent years introduced a competition specifically for plus-sized women, also referred to as natural size.

Model Ssun Biki won the first contest and was featured on the cover of the August 2021 edition.

MAXIM recently held the 2023 contest and introduced twenty-eight contestants online before having the in-person competition, which was shared online.

A few of the contestants stood out to viewers but for the wrong reason — looking significantly different from their online images.

First, contestant Lee Hyeyeon, also known as Hyekong, is a bikini model popular on the streaming platform Flex TV and Instagram, with over 170 thousand followers.

Lee Hyeyeon, also known as Hyekong | @vhyeniv/Instagram
| @vhyeniv/Instagram
| @vhyeniv/Instagram

Viewers were surprised by the model during the show because her previously posted images did not match the person walking the stage before them.

Another contestant that surprised viewers was the content creator known as Lim Bunny, who also shared many photos online.

Lim Bunny

While she did appear different in official images shared by MAXIM before the contest…


…she was unrecognizable while walking the stage during the show.

Images of the two were shared online, with many expressing disbelief over the amount of editing found in their Instagram photos.

  • B*tches like these are EXACTLY why I don’t share selfies on my IG feed. I only post them as stories, so people will see and forget.
  • What the f*ck? This is basically re-creation.
  • The reality of IG hotties, part 2.
  • TBH, she could probably get an editing job with photoshopping skills this good. Like, wow… This is some mastery.
  • Are we sure they’re the same person?

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