MAYDONI Revealed YG Wouldn’t Let Her Debut Until She Lost A Dangerous Amount Of Weight

She did not enjoy the environment at YG.

MAYDONI is a 28-year-old singer and YouTuber who spent a long time as a trainee. She originally joined JYP Entertainment when she was 11, and trained with Sunye of Wonder Girls and Jo Kwon of 2AM.

Four years after joining JYP, she moved to YG Entertainment and trained for four more years with no debut in sight. She revealed something very disturbing:

I was asked to reduce my weight to 38 kilograms (83 pounds) before debut and this was extremely stressful.

– Maydoni

She was also banned from being near male trainees after she exchanged numbers with BIGBANG members. She said the environment was very toxic at YG, the trainees were encouraged to be rivals and not friends.

MAYDONI eventually debuted with Nega Network in 2007 and released several tracks. She warned against the dangers of committing yourself to such a precarious career at a young age. She is now a YouTuber.

Source: Korea Times