MBC Employee Reveals Which Korean Celebrities Offer the Friendliest Greetings

Kim Sang Yoon has worked with MBC’s safety maintenance team for 6 years.

Kim Sang Yoon of MBC’s safety maintenance team recently revealed the top 5 celebrities that give the friendliest greetings according to a poll he took amongst 20 employees.

He explained that he worked with MBC for 6 years as an employee that controlled the safety when fans entered and exited the broadcast station.

According to Kim Sang Yoon, TVXQ‘s Yunho takes 5th place. He shared, “He’s always really passionate just like he is on TV. He always says hello with a bright smile on his face.

And 4th place is taken by none other than Kim Yong Gun. He explained, “He always greets you first and even says a few warm words. He even gave me a beverage one time.

In 3rd place is Yoo Jae Suk. Kim Sang Yoon added, “Even when he’s reading in the library, he takes photos with you and gives you his autograph.

Kim Sang Yoon then picked IU as the celebrity in 2nd place. He explained, “When it comes to ballad singers, some don’t even talk to the staff in order to get into the right mood. But every time IU gets on and off stage, she always greets you with a smile first.

Lastly, Hong Jin Young takes 1st place as the celebrity that “always greets you in a very friendly way even if you’re the janitor or a regular employee.

Check out the full reveal below:

Source: Dispatch