MBC releases unaired footage of T.O.P confessing his only grudge against G-Dragon

A special episode of Weekly Idol revealed T.O.P’s only problem with fellow BIGBANG member, G-Dragon

On February 8, MBC aired a special episode, featuring unreleased footage of BIGBANG’s most recent recording for the program. This included a new snippet from one of their talk segments.

According to T.O.P, “There is only one thing I was upset at G-Dragon for. I’ve had to talk someone else about my girl problems since then.” The members explained that T.O.P used to confide in G-Dragon for relationship advice, but G-Dragon once exposed his secret and talked about T.O.P’s problem with another person.

Daesung added more humor to the revelation and added, “If G-Dragon were a radio show, it would be at the level of Cultwo Show. Men and women of all ages would tune in nationwide.” 

The confession left the viewers wondering what the secret was all about, but it seems like all has been forgiven since then.

Catch the full version of the program below:


Source: Dispatch