MBC’s “PD Note” Claims Majority Of X1’s Lineup Was Predetermined In “Produce X 101”

More fingers are being pointed.

MBC‘s “PD Note”, the leading investigative journalist show in South Korea, recently released another teaser ahead of their October 15 episode. Dedicated to revealing the facts surrounding Mnet‘s vote rigging controversy, the show has taken a front-row seat to the scandal.

The teaser revealed shocking new allegations, the main one being that Mnet predetermined which trainees would make the debut lineup. 8 out of the 11 spots for X1 were supposedly decided before the finale.

They further claimed that Mnet changed whom they wanted as the center and that a writer received the results of the debut lineup before it was even finalized.

8 out of the 11 spots were already secured beforehand…
Center suddenly changed…
There was a writer who got the results in advanced.

Watch the full teaser below:


Source: MBC PD Note