MC Mong’s New Track Featuring Park Bom Sends K-Pop Fans Back To 2008

2nd generation K-Pop fans can’t handle the feels.

On October 25, 2019, MC Mong dropped his new, 8th album titled “Channel 8”. Despite the on-going hate from some Korean netizens who still hold grudge against him for the past allegation of dodging his military duty, he has now conquered the music charts and taken back the throne as K-Pop’s genius producer.


Then by October 29, 2019, he premiered the music video for one of the tracks on the album called “Chanel” featuring Park Bom. While the MV does not show Park Bom, K-Pop fans rushed over to show support for both MC Mong and Park Bom for trying to make a return to the industry for their fans waiting.


After listening to the song, K-Pop fans all come to agree on one thing; It’s a throwback — and a really good one at that. The track’s overall vibe, extra-boosted with Park Bom’s unique voice, is now sending 2nd generation K-Pop fans straight back to 2008-2012, when both MC Mong and Park Bom as part of 2NE1 were full blooming under the spotlight!

I feel nostalgic through this song, sounds like 2010-2012 K-Pop.

— Netizen


K-Pop fans can’t pin down exactly what it is about MC Mong and Park Bom’s new song that gives them the feels, or why they’re so emotional about the combination of his voice with hers…

This reminds me of 2NE1 from a decade ago… and MC Mong when he was a part of One Night Two Days. It’s making me tear up, actually…

— Netizen


… but nonetheless, it definitely reminds them of the late-2000s K-Pop era!

Listen to the throwback anthem here: