McDonald’s Philippines Is A Huge K-Pop Fan, Here Are The References To Prove It

They’re BLINKs too!

Even big brands like McDonald’s are not immune to K-Pop’s influence!

McDonald’s Philippines mentioned YG Entertainment’s girl group in November 2018. On their official Twitter account, they asked fans to find a local branch by saying “McDO in your area”, the same slogan BLACKPINK uses.

The fast food brand also follows Lisa on Instagram, leading some fans to speculate that a collaboration may be coming up.

Besides the Philippine branch, other McDonald’s restaurants around the world also posted advertisements that teased several big names in K-Pop.

Each group had their own witty reference. BLACKPINK’s was the “black” in the black bun product of McDonald’s…

“Black Bun” sounds similar to “BLACKPINK” | @angeljiminie88/Twitter

…TWICE was seen in the words “TWICE the excitement” that introduced chicken and beef burgers…

TWICE was mentioned directly in the poster | @angeljiminie88/Twitter

…and BTS’s acronym was spotted in the poster stating, “Be The Star”.

“Be The Star” is a reference to BTS | @angeljiminie88/Twitter 

As these references prove, McDonald’s is a big K-Pop fan as well!

| McDonald’s Philippines