Here’s The Meaningful Change aespa’s Winter Made To Her “Savage” Choreography

KWANGYA’s always on her mind!

Rookie group aespa is approaching the end of their debut year, and already the girls have made significant waves in the K-Pop industry. The girls have achieved many music show wins, viral success, and now a plethora of year-end nominations to look forward to. It only makes sense that all eyes are on their most recent comeback, “Savage,” with this impressive level of success.

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With MYs and more watching aespa closely, fans have noticed many unique performance details that have impressed them. One of the biggest details has been Winter‘s ingenuity when it comes to making the choreography her own.

In the second pre-chorus of the song, Winter sings at the front of a diamond-shaped formation while three of the four members move in a spider-like motion.

Initially, this move involved Winter as well as Giselle and Karina moving in complete unison on the ground.

However, fans have noticed that Winter has changed the choreography to include a hand motion in recent performances.

During her part, Winter taps across the ground in front of her to the song’s beat.

The lyrics at this part suggest that Winter may be using this moment to add impact.

Don’t forget, this is KWANGYA


KWANGYA refers to the place in aespa’s mythology that houses “Black Mamba” and is separate from the real world. Winter uses this moment in the choreography to suggest to her MYs that they are currently in KWANGYA.

This move is even more impressive when thinking about the fact that Winter has to move all of her balance to her legs for that moment in the choreography to add her hand gesture.

Winter even included the move during the group’s Squid Game-themed dance practice. 

It’s impressive how much detail aespa puts into each performance, and we can’t wait to see how this carries over into their future careers. Have you noticed this change in choreography? Let us know!

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