Is The Korean Media Taking Advantage Of BTS’s Popularity, DKDKTV Takes A Deeper Look At The Topic

“It’s super unprofessional that they’re not giving the apology at this moment because BigHit deserves it and they were unprofessional about it.”

In light of a recent situation between BigHit Entertainment and news agency JTBCYouTube news channel DKDKTV uploaded a video recently speculating over whether the media has been abusing BTS.

Earlier this week, JTBC’s News Room reported that BTS had filed a lawsuit against their agency BigHit Entertainment, alleging there was a dispute about profit division. Since the news report was released BitHit released its own statement stating that they encourage members and their parents to seek professional advice from external sources from accountants, lawyers, or other relevant sources when necessary.

Source: Just Jared

Additionally, BigHit asked for an apology from JTBC, particularly as they did not confirm the facts and reported exaggerated information.

They (JTBC) trespassed BigHit’s offices and filmed inside. Such actions have been caught on BigHit’s CCTV.


DKDKTV discussed the importance of accountability in the media. If the media, in this case, JTBC, is going to report on news events, they need to present proof of what they’re presenting.

I think the exception can only be evaluated by the outcome if the end result is so beneficial to society that it can be given an exception or pardon. But, if it’s not that way, like in this case, he or she didn’t get anything out of it and at the end the result is just he or she trespassed on private property and that’s it.


In their discussion, they make it clear that they feel strongly about JTBC owing BitHit an apology as it was apparent they were just using the group for ratings.

It’s super unprofessional that they’re not giving the apology at this moment because BigHit deserves it and they were unprofessional about it. I don’t know why they’re being passive about it.


Despite the controversy between BigHit and JTBC, DKDKTV notes that they recently attended a seminar sponsored by BigHit and right in front of them was a journalist from a company affiliated with JTBC.

I mean, of course, they have to invite them. Like it or not, they’re one of the huge media giants, so… They need coverage.


Is Korean media abusing BTS’s popularity? DKDKTV thinks so.

I am sure that other ARMYs out there are tired of BTS being used by Western artists, news media, and all these radio shows that don’t give a f*ck about them but just want to use their name and capitalize out of them, and I’m just tired of all of that.


Although the name recognition is fabulous and BTS definitely deserves it, nobody wants them to be taken advantage of by clout chasers.

Have some journalistic integrity… JTBC is abusing BTS, Pengsu whatever.