Meet The 13 Year Old Trainee That Made Both JYP and YG Fall In Love

A 13-year-old YG Entertainment trainee showed his mad talent, grabbing the full attention from Park Jin Young and Yang Hyun Suk.

YG Entertainment’s trainee Doyeong appeared on a recent episode of Mnet’s Stray Kids along with other trainees, in order to have a friendly showcase match with JYP trainees.

Park Jin Young took an immediate notice to Doyeong, as Yang Hyun Suk introduced him as a rookie trainee to watch out for.

YG trainee group included Bang Yedam, and they had an exceptional performance, making Yang Hyun Suk proud of them.

After a powerful and memorable performance, Park Jin Young complimented Doyeong for his moves.

“There are dancers who can create more dynamics with their move, by making your body movement appear much larger than it actually is, and I believe Doyeong is one of them. He has a potential.”

— Park Jin Young

Doyeong’s cute face and modest demeanor seem to have won some hearts already.

Time will only tell if Doyeong could debut with YG’s new boyband that Yang Hyun Suk recently announced.

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Watch the full clip of the dance battle between the YG and JYP trainees below: