Meet The Cats Of 2PM’s Junho—One Of Which He Saved From The Brink Of Death

Best cat dad to exist!

2PM‘s Junho, who played Yi San in MBC‘s The Red Sleeve, is also the dad of many lovely cats, one of which he adopted after saving her from a deadly injury. He loves them so much that he thinks of them as his children!

He never fails to shower them with love, both publicly and privately. His Instagram is filled with affectionate posts about them.

A few months ago, Junho appeared on reality TV show I Live Alone, where he happily played with his cats during his off-time.

One by one, he introduced them to viewers. First was Johnny

…then Weol.

After the two, he adopted Cookie, a furry gray cat who loves to show some aegyo.

Johnny and Weol appeared on the show before, then I adopted Cookie later. The gray one—it’s name is Cookie. It likes acting cute, and it’s really lovely.

— Junho

Finally, Junho adopted Bok, a female cat whom he found severely injured in front of his house a few years ago.

Bok was “bleeding from both eyes,” so Junho immediately brought her to the vet for treatment.

I have another cat, and its name is Bok. I met Bok in front of my house two years ago. It couldn’t open its eyes. It was bleeding from both eyes. I took it to the hospital to save its life.

— Junho

Junho successfully crept into Bok’s heart by wearing the same clothes he wore on the day they met. He even sprayed his cologne to make sure that she remembered his scent!

So I brought my clothes that I wore on the first day we met and sprayed some cologne on it to give it to Bok at the hospital with some toys every week. I think it understood how I felt.

— Junho

With time, effort, and well-wishes from fans…

…Bok made a full recovery.

| @le2jh/Instagram

He clearly loves her and all his cats to pieces!

Source: YouTube