Meet The Amazing Korean YouTuber With More Video Views Than Every K-Pop Idol Group

This YouTuber has some major talent.

There is one YouTuber who is so popular that her views almost surpass YG Entertainment‘s entire YouTube channel! She goes by the name J.Fla and her channel, JFlaMusic, has close to 200 incredibly popular videos posted on it.


J.Fla’s real name is Kim Jung Hwa and she has always been a part of the music industry. Before she started her channel, she found success as a singer, composer, and songwriter for Sony Music Publishing in Japan.

She’s actually written a number of successful songs for various artists including Yuna Ito.


In 2011, she started her YouTube channel and uploaded her first cover.

Record label Ostereo noticed her talent and signed her in 2016. Since then her popularity just keeps rising!


Her 7.6 million YouTube subscribers, over 620,000 Facebook followers, 436,0000 Instagram followers, and 34.2 thousand Twitter followers, prove that she’s got some major talent.


While she has an impressive social media following, it’s really her videos that shine the brightest.

Not only do her views almost surpass YG Entertainment‘s, she actually has more views than every K-Pop group!


While some of the songs like BTS‘s “DNA” or BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby” still have her beat, she’s exceeded the views of some of the other songs by those same groups!

For instance, her cover of “Havana” has over 64 million views while BIGBANG’s “Lies” has 48 million views on YG Entertainment’s YouTube account and 14 million on BIGBANG’s account.


Her songs are always quick to rack up the views too. One of her most popular cover’s “Let Me Love You & Faded” surpassed 15 million views in just 6 months.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Her cover of Luis Fonsi‘s “Despacito” has racked up over 110 million views.

Which is more than BTS’s views for “Danger” and “Run”!


Meanwhile, her cover of Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You” has an even more impressive view count. Arguably her most popular cover, it’s got well over 156 million views!


And that’s still just scratching the surface of the crazy talented YouTuber! Her cover of Imagine Dragon‘s “Believer” surpassed 1.1 million views in 4 days.


Plus her most recent cover of Eric Nam‘s “Honestly” has over 453,000 views despite only being out for a day!


Her songs and covers have been so popular that she has actually released three separate albums featuring her most popular covers. She truly is a force to be reckoned with!