Meet The Only People Better Looking Than BTS: Their Parents

Every member of BTS is supremely good looking – which is no surprise when you see where their good looks come from!


It’s no surprised Jin’s parents are as handsome and gorgeous as they are – look at their son!


This photo of Suga’s mom is currently placed at her shop in Daegu.


Everyone know’s J-Hope’s sister has amazing looks – as does the whole family!

Rap Monster

Rap Monster looks just like his mother, who is always there to support him like his father!


It’s no wonder V has extraordinary looks – his parents are beautiful.


Jungkook looks just like his mother and father (there she is – walking with him to his first day of high school!).

There are currently no pictures of Jimin’s parents, however, with a son like that, everyone is sure they’re just as gorgeous!