Meet BTS And TXT’s Super Extra, Non-Celebrity Friends

These are the friends we all wish we had.

If you think your friends are extra, just wait until you meet the Big Hit Family squad!

BTS and TXT have many celebrity friends in the industry (including each other!), but they also have non-celebrity friends who support them behind the scenes.

Some of these friends were among the thousands of fans who flocked to see BTS perform at Wembley Stadium in London last year. On June 4, 2019, Jimin tweeted, “My dear friends came to see our concert.”

The banner, created by Jimin’s BFFs says, “Your hyungs are here,” and it features their photos.

Fans who spotted Jimin’s friends waving the banner as a flag captured the hilarity on camera.

Jimin isn’t the only Big Hit Entertainment idol with super extra friends though. At TXT’s show, fans spotted a group of wild fanboys waving their chairs in the air. At the time, TXT didn’t have an official lightstick, so they made due!

According to K-MOA, these fanboys were actually Beomgyu‘s friends, who came out to cheer him on.

Who wouldn’t love to have friends like that?