Meet Stray Kids’ Changbin, The Next Top Idol Rapper On The Rise

Stray Kid’s Changbin is taking over the industry one rap at a time.

Rookie rapper Changbin debuted with Stray Kids just a few short months ago, but he is already climbing the idol rapper ranks to the top.


Prior to his debut, Changbin (formerly known as SPEARB) trained at JYP Entertainment for two years. During this time, Changbin was part of the pre-debut group 3RACHA with Bang Chan and Han.


Changbin showed off his rapping prowess during a brief yet memorable appearance on Show Me The Money 5, but his fanbase grew significantly once he competed on Stray Kids.


Changbin’s rapping style is both powerful and precise. He is able to aggressively slay each note while keeping perfect time to the beat. Changbin’s performance of “Mastryonshka” impressed his audience from the very first word.


Changbin can also rap at the speed of sound without losing any of the grittiness that makes his deep voice so distinct.


This rookie rapper is just 18 years old, but his fiery, polished performances make him a force to be reckoned with.


In addition to rapping, Changbin is also a talented composer and producer. His career may have just begun but he already has a prolific number of songs on his resume.


On this Koreaboo Twitter poll, Changbin placed second only to Suga (BTS), one of the industry’s reigning heavyweights.

27% percent? Not bad, Changbin!


This recent poll is still on-going, but at the time this article was written the results were Changbin (37%) and Suga (63%). The results are impressive, considering Changbin’s rookie status and his much smaller fanbase.


No matter what the results, it’s clear that Changbin has a bright future ahead of him, and dedicated fans who will support him every step of the way.