Meet The Crazy Korean Rapper Breaking All Stereotypes

Grace is using a unique and fierce rapping style to dominate Korea’s hip-hop scene and setting herself to be Freshman Class level for Korea.

Grace grew up in Long Island, New York and it shows when you listen to her rap. She has a natural command of English and Korean, her flow is flawless, and her intonation is perfect. You can especially see this in her covers. She oozes confidence when she performs which is essential as a rapper.

Not only is Grace skilled as a rapper, but she’s also beautiful and stylish. She has a variety of different styles and they all match her perfectly.

Grace shows off her unique style in her debut single “I’m Fine.” Her style gives off vibes of Missy Elliott and Gwen Stefani with her fur and variety of clothing colors. The song shows her fun side with an over the top music video and a club-friendly beat. It’s also interesting to see Grace’s flashiness contrasted with the run down buildings. She does a great job of showing that she is the boss.

Just in time for Halloween, Grace released her second single, “Trick or Treat” on October 27th. Contrary to “I’m Fine,” this single is a bit darker in sound and aesthetic. The gritty sub-bass, reminiscent of Kanye West, fades in and out to emphasize Grace’s voice. Her style is also darker and more subdued. Yet, within the dark side streets of Japan, she still manages to shine.

Let’s keep supporting Grace and we hope in the future she can continue to dab on ’em.