Meet FIFTY FIFTY: The K-Pop Rookies Predicted To Chart On Billboard

Everything you need to know about the group and its four members.

Rookie girl groups breaking out into fame soon after debut is always refreshing to see, but it’s even better when the group isn’t backed by a big company. FIFTY FIFTY is the most recent example of that. The rookie group debuted back in November of last year, and just a few months later, they’re nearing one of the biggest milestones a K-Pop group can reach internationally: a debut in the Billboard Top 100.

But this is only the latest achievement to the already big roster of accolades FIFTY FIFTY have earned following the release of their hit single “Cupid,” which debuted at no.12 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart last week. So, it’s understandable that K-Pop fans everywhere want to know more about this group and its members.


The first group from the K-Pop label Attrakt, quartet FIFTY FIFTY saw their official debut in the K-Pop industry on November 18, 2022. The group’s name represents a 50% chance of a hardship-filled reality and a 50% chance of achieving a bright, hope-filled dream, with the group aiming to be “a whole 100” with their fans.


Their first mini album, The Fifty, was released last year with the title track “Higher.” This year, the group released “Cupid” as part of a single album with an additional English version (“Cupid (Twin Version”).


The four members, Aran, Keena, Saena, and Sio are all fairly young. The eldest, 20-year-old Keena, was born in 2002, and the rest of the members are all 2004-liners, making them 18 years old. Here’s all you need to know about them.

FIFTY FIFTY decided not to follow the popular formula of “the eldest becomes the leader,” as the quartet’s member-in-charge is Saena. The young idol’s full name is Jeong Sehyun, and she also serves as the main dancer and sub-rapper. She has previously named BLACKPINK as her role models, and fans have discovered she is good friends with Jinni, the former NMIXX member.


If Saena looks familiar, you may remember her from KBS2‘s Dancing High. Saena competed on the show in 2018 when she was just 14 years old, impressing everyone as the youngest member of her team.

Her abilities are a combination of natural talent and hard work, with Saena joining a dance club in middle school and studying at the same dance studio as TO1‘s Jisoo before becoming a trainee. She even took part in the choreography for “Cupid,” making a suggestion for the song’s point dance.

Saena | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

The only member who didn’t attend an arts school, Saena reportedly studied at a specialist tourism high school before debuting. In her “What If” concept film, she revealed that if she wasn’t an idol, she’d like to travel around as a photographer.

Saena | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Saena rooms with Keena, who is FIFTY FIFTY’s main rapper and sub-vocalist. Real name Song Jakyung, Keena is the only member with a different last name.

Keena | Attrakt

Though not much is known about her yet, Keena’s personality is definitely unique. When asked what she would do if she wasn’t an idol, she definitely had a unique answer — she would want to own “a cafe that turns into a pub at night.”

Keena | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Equally interesting is that despite being part of the group’s rap line, Keena actually began her career before FIFTY FIFTY when she showed off her vocal skills in an OST. Titled “Take Back My Life” and released under the name Son Jakyung, the song was part of the soundtrack for OCN‘s The Running Mates: Human Rights.

Despite this, her rapping talents shine through just as well. In fact, she once named her specialty the ability to rap even in unusual circumstances. In a TMI segment on Music Bank, her members described her as the loudest in the waiting room, which makes sense given her powerful lungs.

Moving on to Sio, whose real name is Jeong Jiho. The 2004-born member is the group’s main vocalist and lead dancer.

Sio | Attrakt

Sio is the tallest member of the group, and Aran described her first impression of Sio as gorgeous, cool, and tall with a good body ratio. She also described Sio as someone whose level of excitement is unbeatable, showing just how bright her personality is.

Sio | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

One of her musical inspirations is Sam Smith, and her favorite Korean act is the alternative rock band Thornapple. Across the fandom, Hunnies can’t get enough of her beautiful vocals.

Back in December last year, Sio revealed that her goal is to become a worldwide star despite it being such a big dream — and it looks like that dream is coming true sooner than she expected!

Sio | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Last but not least is Aran (real name Jeong Eunah), lead vocalist and lead rapper. Aran is also technically the maknae of the group, though she’s just six days younger than Sio.

Aran | Attrakt

Aran says that if she didn’t become an idol, she would’ve been a voice actor, which makes sense given her unique tone. Netizens often pick up on her lines in comments on Melon and YouTube, and many have said she has a similar vocal color to stars like Baek Yerin and Kwon Jinah.

Aran | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

When the members introduce themselves, Aran sometimes refers to herself as “the voice” of FIFTY FIFTY. Her favorite artists, including those she likely looks to for inspiration, include Ariana Grande, Dean, Crush, and Loco.

Aran | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

In contrast to Keena’s outgoing personality, Aran’s fellow members say she’s the one who never leaves her room. Relatably, she even named browsing cat and food pictures on social media as one of her hobbies.

Aran | @we_fiftyfifty/Twitter

Billboard’s charts update every Tuesday, so keep an eye out to see whether FIFTY FIFTY make their debut on the Hot 100 this week!

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