Meet The Hot AF Model That’s Driving Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Fans Crazy

The sexy model has become the talk of town.

As the release of Taeyeon‘s fifth mini-album To. X draws closer, and the buzz has intensified, not just because of the music but also due to the captivating male model featured in her latest concept photos and clips. The intrigue about the model’s identity was finally put to rest when fans recognized him after Taeyeon’s teaser images with the model stopped hiding him in the shadows.

| @TAEYEONsmtown/Twitter

The concept photos present Taeyeon alongside a male model, portraying what appears to be her ex-lover within the storyline of the album. The chemistry between the two is palpable as they engage in endearing gestures of closeness, huddled together in the cozy confines of a photo booth.

| @TAEYEONsmtown/Twitter
| @TAEYEONsmtown/Twitter

Yet, the sweet display takes a turn for the enigmatic with a clip that hints at darker themes underpinning their relationship, suggesting manipulation and gaslighting — a stark contrast to the affectionate images. SM Entertainment, the label behind Taeyeon’s musical pursuits, has indicated that the mini-album will explore the narrative of a protagonist grappling with a love that’s lost its reason.

As the teasers began to surface, the male model’s identity was shrouded in mystery, his face obscured by shadows or left out of the frame. However, last week the veil was lifted, and the fans were introduced to Kim Hyun Jae —a model and actor represented by YG KPLUS.

| @85_29p/Instagram

Kim isn’t new to the K-Pop scene, having appeared in SISTAR Hyolyn‘s music video for “This Love.” His rugged good looks and well-built physique are showcased on his Instagram profile, where he enjoys a following of over 94,000 people.

A quick glance at his profile offers ample evidence of why he was a perfect choice for this role — his striking features, chiseled physique, and the enigmatic air he exudes are captivating.

Taeyeon’s fans have expressed both excitement and envy over Kim’s role — with many praising his striking appearance while others say just how much they want to be in his place.

The attention has undoubtedly brought Hyun Jae’s work to a wider audience, potentially marking a significant step in his career.

As anticipation for To. X mounts, it’s clear that Taeyeon’s choice of Kim Hyun Jae as her counterpart has made a memorable impact. His participation in the teasers not only adds a visual edge to the upcoming release but also stirs up curiosity about his role in the album’s narrative. With his career set to receive a boost from this high-profile exposure, Kim Hyun Jae is a name that many will be watching in the future.

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