Meet The Hottest Female Firefighters In Korea

They are too FIRE.

Earlier this year, Netflix announced its next big physical challenge program to follow Physical 100Siren: Survive The Island. 

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In Siren: Survive The Island, twenty-four women with physically demanding careers formed six teams and battled it out on an uninhabited island. The teams were divided by profession: stuntwomen, soldiers, bodyguards, athletes, police officers, and firefighters.

The four-membered police time comprised leader Kim Hyun A, Jeong Min Seon, Kim Jih Ye, and Lim Hyun Ji.

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Kim Hyun A is not very active online, only using her Instagram account after the show began airing. However, she looks gorgeous in the few photos she has uploaded, especially in her uniform!

Kim Hyun A | @redfalcon_firefighter/Instagram

Her updates involve her job, though she has posted her pet cat a few times.

Jeong Min Seon is a little more social media savvy and has even started sharing workout photos and videos, showing how strong sexy is, too!

Jeong Min Seon | @tyrannosaurus1014/Instagram
| @tyrannosaurus1014/Instagram

She seems a bit of a foodie, sharing pictures of her meals often. Min Seon also loves the outdoors; many of her photos are in nature!

Kim Jih Ye is also active online and seems to have done some modeling in addition to her body lifting!

Kim Jih Ye | @re___119/Instagram
| @re___119/Instagram

The beautiful firefighter also seems to have met her match, recently sharing a wedding photoshoot with her soon-to-be husband! In addition to bridal shots, she and her beau also took photos in firefighting gear.

| @re___119/Instagram
| @re___119/Instagram

Finally, Lim Hyun Ji stays in shape by hitting the gym often, as seen in her many social media posts.

Lim Ji Hyun | @_______lim__/Instagram
| @_______lim__/Instagram

She is also married, tying the knot with her long-time boyfriend, another super hot firefighter, earlier this year!

| @_______lim__/Instagram

Check out more of the show’s contestants below!

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