Meet “International Couple” : A Russian Girl and A Korean Boy’s Inseparable Relationship

This adorable Russian-Korean international couple’s love story is making everyone’s heart melt.

Sasha Podberezskaja, a Belarusian model and actress based in Seoul, and Jay Song, a soldier currently serving in the South Korean military, have been together since 2013.

The couple shares their daily life and adventures on their Instagram, and they have 16K followers who fell in love with their adorable international relationship.

They also have a Youtube channel where they vlog about their trips and adventures in Korea and Belarus.

Although they are both in Korea now, they cannot meet often because Jay is currently serving in the Korean military.

Sasha expresses her burning love towards Jay on her Instagram account and it is melting everyone’s hearts.

“My love, we finally met today~ I know that you are not able to read this right now anyway. But I really want you know that I am so proud of you! Being 5th of the best soldiers from 180 people is very cool! Thank you so much for trying and working so hard to get all that chances to call me. I really appreciate it~ I already miss you and waiting for our next meeting which will be very soon.”

— Sasha

Although they can’t see each other as much as they want to, their love remains intact through calling each other and visiting each other whenever possible.

This love that transcends heritages, borders, and separation is an inspiration to us all.