Meet the Korean guitarist who’s blowing up in America right now

You’ve probably heard her work on the radio and not even known – meet JinJoo, DNCE‘s South Korean guitarist.

Korean-born JinJoo Lee moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue a career in music. Taught by her siblings, JinJoo was already quite a talented musician. Despite not knowing a lick of English, JinJoo’s music career quickly blossomed and, in 2009, she toured with The Jonas Brothers. That’s how she met Joe Jonas, who would go on to found DNCE in 2015.

JinJoo Lee is the guitarist and the only girl in DNCE, but she says she enjoys working with guys and doesn’t mind being the only girl in the band. She has an awesome sense of fashion and changes her hair color just as often as K-Pop stars do. 

 You’ve probably heard their song “Cake by the Ocean” at least a couple of times, which ended up a worldwide hit. This year they released their debut album DNCE.

Self-titled DNCE album cover.
A cool pair of sunglasses is a fashion must for JinJoo.
A cool pair of sunglasses is a fashion must for JinJoo.

JinJoo rocks a daring outfit with her purple hair.

She definitely knows how to take a good selca!
Watch JinJoo rocking out on stage while playing “Cake by the Ocean” on the Ellen DeGeneres show:

This guitar solo is on fire!

We can’t wait to see what this talented Korean guitarist has in store for us next!

Source: DNCE, Cosmopolitan