Meet Lee Mina, The Highly Talented and Beautiful, Korean National Team Soccer Player

On the recent East Asian Cup championship, women’s national football team of South Korea performed spectacularly well against its longtime rival, Japan.

Though the South Korean team ultimately lost 3-2, there was one glimmer of light for future games.

And that glimmer of light is Lee Mina!

As a midfielder, Lee Mina shines on the field for her quick movements, tireless hustle, and precise passes.

She was praised by fans and netizens for her dedication to the game.

But fans are not only taking notice of her skills as a fantastic midfielder but also as one of the most beautiful players ever to grace the team!

And who can blame them? It’s hard to take eyes off of her on and off the field.

Her passes and crosses excite soccer fans everywhere and her beauty makes their hearts throb as if she scored a hat-trick!

Here’s to hoping that Lee Mina keeps on making the future of South Korean’s Women’s soccer bright and clear!

Source: Insight