Meet Lee Soo Man’s Heir, Who Could Be SM Entertainment’s Savior

He could be the future of K-Pop.

Lee Soo Man reigned supreme the Korean music industry since he established SM Entertainment in 1989. 


More details, however, has been revealed about his eldest son, John Hyunkyu Lee. It seems like he is as equally talented as his father! 


The 24 year-old has taken the role of lyricists for a number of the agency’s artists including “Let Out The Beast” from EXO’s XOXO album and Girls’ Generation’s “Hoot.” 


He was educated in the United States and was even seen translating for his father after appear as a special guest at Stanford University. 


Fans of the agency have already commended John Hyunkyu Lee for being such an admirable and good soon with others commenting on being born to such prestige. 


With such talent at such a young age, many can only wonder on his contributions for the Korean music industry!