Meet Red Velvet’s Irene’s Doppelgänger

Who’s who?!

Red Velvet‘s Irene‘s visuals are probably one of the world’s greatest blessings! Everyone just keeps on falling in love with her high class and sophisticated visuals.

And now, we’ve got 2 of them!

Netizens have found the idol’s doppelgänger and noticed that YouTuber Kim Crystal looks exactly like the visual queen!

Some netizens are shocked at how similar they look! Crystal seems to resemble some of Irene’s features like her eyes and pretty smile.

Some netizens, however, disagree, and think that she looks more like another Taeyeon than Irene.

Some netizens think that the YouTuber simply copies Irene’s make-up causing her to look like the idol. But either way, it can’t be denied that this YouTuber is also indeed a visual queen herself!

Kim Crystal is a beauty YouTuber who makes a variety of videos on make-up such as make-up hauls or “get ready with me” videos. She also posts a few vlogs every now and then.

Watch Kim Crystal’s latest video here:

Source: The Qoo